Family Photos

Here we are with our little family photo shoot!

 da boys

 the best one of these 3 ;)
 and of course the 2 silly shots as the grand finale for posing and smiling nicely

First Days of School

 BIG year for us Starks! Will started 2nd grade, Jonny started Kindergarten, and Miss K started pre-school. I can't believe how big these kids are getting! Whew!

 My handsome boys
 Will--"2", Jonny "K" :)
 At his desk, I barely got this 1 shot -- he wanted to get busy with his play-doh
 SO EXCITED to get to start school like her big brothers!

......and the 1 Halloween pic Der took with our camera, I think I have about 15 on my phone :)

Sunriver Family Vacation

We spent our family vacation at Sunriver Resort this August. We had SO much fun, definitely going back. The kids had so much fun: pool, bike rides, parks, bumper cars, mini golf. It was a great week spending time just the 5 of us. 

 snuggling in will's bed

 mini golf round 1

 ready for the pool

Summertime: Backyard Reno & Boating

Here are the amazing results of our backyard redo--LOVE the paver patio and fresh green grass . . . now if only we can keep it looking this way. :)

 Der installed the lights all by himself :) 
 Caprisuns of course
 so much sass already
 loved seeing this on the bough of the boat
 my toehead jb

 tubing was a success
tuckered out!

Katie's 3rd Bday

Katie's big 3rd bday! We spent a family day out--mall, build a bear, and lunch at Red Robin.

 Stuffing her pink bear, named "Pinkalicious" after her favorite book series. :)

 Big bros with their dog and bear

 The boys chowing down
 Love this cutie pie! So fun spending the day celebrating her


Christmas Time Is Here!

We hosted Christmas this year with the Reynolds crew and it was such a fun week! Nana, Papa, Uncle Brian, Aunt Alli, and Uncle Mike were all here and here are some of the highlights of the week. 
Christmas Eve: We had prime rib, and D's famous mashed potatoes, the green bean casserole Aunt Alli can't live without ;) and some other yummy sides. We'd been baking different kinds of cookies for days, so those ended up being our dessert.
 As a tradition the kids get to open their new jammies and ornaments from FarFar and FarMor, their cousin gifts, and a new book from Mommy and Daddy that we all read together that night before going to bed.  
(pic above) Christmas Eve: Miss K opening her ornament from FarFar and FarMor, she was obviously pretty stoked to add that to her 4 foot nothing tree in her little room.

 Will's jammies and ornament
 Jonny's cousin gift from Niklas--a sweet remote control car! Our baseboards and furniture have been loving this thing. ;0)
 K's pretty nightgown

 Posing with their new jammies on and their new books. Right after that it was time to read them and then set out cookies and milk for Santa, and some carrots for his reindeer, and head to bed!
 Santa CAME! . . . I won't show the tree, it was pretty out of control how far out the gifts stretched into the living room. 
 Will holding his stocking, J making a beeline for his new batcave!
 Katie was thrilled with her dollhouse! She didn't know what to do with herself.
 Jonny with his Bumblebee mask from Uncle Brian
 Chilling while the kids go to town
 I think Jonny got all the animal loving genes in the family--he LOVES this bucket he got of farm animals.
 Papa showing Miss K how to sport her Barbie purse and accessories
 Will's sweet new hat! (Jonny got one two of course, but his is red, but still crazy looking!)
 Aunt Alli played Santa handing out gifts . . . Katie needed help opening her barbie set . . .
 Will showing off his spread of goods . . . all organized--he's SO like his mommy. 
 K in her new purple boots--these are a necessity where we live!
 All her goods in one shot
 Jonny's pile of presents
The adults delved into some poker and dice games the rest of the day while the kids broke in all the new stuff. Another tradition we have is having Chinese take-out for dinner on Christmas day, it's been fun doing that the past couple of years--it makes the day a lot more relaxing and we have leftovers for days. :) Fun times